Various areas in this facility, such as the building entrance, path of travel to guest check-in, [path of travel to guest rooms, and the pool area] meet 2010 ADA standards for accessible design.]  This facility is an “existing facility” under the Americans with Disabilities Act and guest rooms do not meet current accessibility standards. Entry doors measure 36 inches clear. Doorways to guest rooms measure 32 inches clear, doorways to bathrooms measure 24 inches clear, toilets are 16" in height for standard, 19" for comfort height, and showers are not wheelchair accessible. All of our guest rooms include closed captioning available on the TVs, and upon request, we will provide an ADA compliant shower stool, an ADA compliant raised toilet seat with support arm rails and secure locking, and a hearing-impaired smoke detector. For additional information on accessibility please us at contact Terri McFerrin, 251-948-5373. Please be assured that our efforts are ongoing.